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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can my photos be sold here for commercial purpose? If yes, will I get any royalty?
    • Yes your photos can be sold here.
      Yes you can get royalty.
  • Can there be more than one winner in a contest?
    • Yes, if more than one participant gets the same and highest vote
  • How can I earn from referral program-1?
    • when the your referral user participates in a paid contest then you will get the contest fees(whatever user pays Before the program ends) as referral charge. (first five fees only per referral user)
  • How can I submit a photo in a contest?
    • Step: 1 First create your PhotoBirdy account.(Skip step: 1, if you already have a PhotoBirdy account).
      Step: 2 Login with your PhotoBirdy account.
      Step: 3 Click on your favorite contest (this must be running).
      Step: 4 Click on upload photo.
      Step: 5 If there is a fee for the contest, pay it(Skip the step: 5 if there is no fee for the contest).
      Step: 6 Upload a photo related to the contest
  • How can I use referral program-1 link?
    • You can copy the referral program-1 link and put it in social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp group.
      you can print the link in your blogs or websites
  • How do i get my reward?
    • If the reward is cash then it represents the Indian currency.
      If the winner is an Indian then the reward will be deposited/transfer directly in the bank.
      If the winner is not an Indian then the reward will be given via PayPal.
      If the prize is an item, it will be sent to the winner via courier service. (Courier charge winner will pay).
  • How many photos can I upload in the same contest?
    • Free contest: you can upload up to 3 photos.
      Paid contest: No limit
  • If there is more than one winner in the contest, what will the reward amount be?
    • If there is more than one winner in the contest and Reward is cash, the prize money will be distributed equally to all the winners (Reward/winners).
      If the Reward is an item, all winners receive that item
  • What kind of photos sell most?
    • Three things work in it.

      1. Composition:
      The superior composition approach attracts more buyers.

      2. Subjects:
      subjects should be good and sharp(in focus).

      3. Size:
      Better quality photos sell more.
      best size: min-height or min-width: 3000px with 300dpi
  • When will I receive the referral program reward?
    • Fees will be accounted for at the end of every month, and you will get the reward in the next 7 working days.
  • why my photo does not appear online?
    • There can be three reasons.
      1: Your photo has not been approved yet. (Photo verification is usually done in 2 to 3 hours, sometimes it may take 24 to 36 hours.)
      2: Your photo has been rejected.
      You are notified by email in Reason 1 and 2
      3: Due to technical fault, like slow internet.(In this case you can try again to upload or you can mail to us, we can upload the image on your behalf)
      Email at support@photobirdy.com
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